Our Work

SINCE 2001

We’ve helped our clients build and execute strategies to finance important environmental work.

We’ve achieved some important results:

Seattle public utilities

For Seattle Public Utilities, Evergreen first worked with utility managers to evaluate the potential to secure grants and loans for their broad array of infrastructure and environmental programs, then used this assessment to help the agency develop applications and proposals that raised more than $20 million in outside funding for the agency over a ten-year period. 

puget sound partnership

For the Puget Sound Partnership, Evergreen helped develop the funding approach for the first Action Agenda in 2008, including strategies for raising federal and state funding and allocating it to the most cost-effective projects, and then updated the strategy in 2014. The funding blueprints developed by Evergreen for the Partnership and its predecessor the Shared Strategy for Puget Sound have helped the agencies raise more than $500 million in salmon funding since 1999.

National fish and wildlife foundation

For the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Evergreen helped develop funding partnerships with state agencies and non-profit organizations that resulted in the creation of the Community Salmon Fund, a small grants program to support community-led salmon recovery projects, and went on to help select, fund, and manage more than 500 projects throughout Washington State over a twelve-year period.

American farmland trust

For American Farmland Trust, Evergreen President Dennis Canty served as the interim regional director from 2011 to 2014, raising the annual budget from $60,000 to $450,000 per year, building partnerships with more than a dozen new foundation and governmental funders, and building new programs to protect farmland and support local food.